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Baptism is a sacrament, an act of initiation into the Christian Community, and an introduction to Christian life, whereby the redemptive death of Christ, which happened once in history, is present in the ritual of poured water or water immersion.

Preparing for Baptism from infant through the age of six, normally involves getting together with both of the parents, and discussing all the details.  This includes filling out a Baptismal Registration, going over the requirements for sponsors and receiving materials to review before the scheduled Baptism class, which the sponsors may also attend.  For more information, please contact Deacon Dave Karpanty at 419-385-7227 or

For information about baptismal preparation for a child above the age of six (first grade or above), please contact Rachael Hunyor at or call 419-381-1540.

Baptism Classes

Classes normally take place in the Emmaus Room, next to the chapel, at 1:00 PM, on the second Sunday, of every other month.

The Celebration of the Sacrament

Since Baptism is an act of initiation and welcoming into a particular parish community, it is celebrated in its fullness at the weekend Mass, which the parents normally attend (except during Lent). Baptisms may also occur outside of Mass, with other families, in a communal event celebrated by a deacon.  This normally occurs at 1:00 PM in the Church on the third Sunday of every month (except during Lent).


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also known as the Sacrament of Penance or the Sacrament of Confession.


For general Reconciliation please refer to the bulletin for the scheduled times. The parish priests may also be contacted for special circumstances


Generally, First Reconciliation is received in the fall of the 2nd grade year. Preparation is done through the parish school religion classes or through Family Faith Formation classes if the student is in a public school.

Information for First Reconciliation preparation is received when the student registers for First Eucharist.


Reconciliation is on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and by appointment.

Questions? Please contact Rachael Hunyor at or call 419-381-1540.


Preparation for First Eucharist or First Communion is generally done in the 2nd Grade year. Preparation programs are available for older students as well. Please contact Rachael Hunyor at or call 419-381-1540.


Confirmation is conferred in the spring of the 8th grade year for students. Meeting and registration information is distributed in the fall of the 8th grade year.

Click here the most recent information and registration.


Questions may be directed to Rachael Hunyor at or call 419-381-1540.


Please contact the parish office for pre-Cana class information and scheduling. Additionally, feel free to view or download the following:



Please contact the parish office at 419-381-1540 to make arrangements.

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Please contact Father Mark or Father Dave at 419-381-1540 for more information.

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