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Pastoral Council is a group of St. Patrick of Heatherdowns (SPH) parishioners who provide feedback to the Pastor and serve as liaisons between the parish and school members and the Pastor. Members of Pastoral Council are a voice for those at SPH Catholic Church and School.


2021-2022 Pastoral Council Members


Karen Bird
Years at SPH:  12

Karen is a substitute lector and altar server for the daily 7:00 a.m. Mass. Her involvement at SPH started with her parents, who became parishioners in 1972. Karen and her family have relocated many times over 40 years and are happy to be back home at SPH. She has been involved at SPH or at other parishes in many roles, including lector, Eucharistic minister, and bell choir. Karen has also taught children’s religious education, participated in adult education classes and parish retreats, and volunteered at food pantries and home and school activities.


Pastoral Council benefits from Karen’s preference to work best behind the scenes, listening to others and offering insights and help where she can. Her interest is to work with others to reach a common goal. She is looking forward to SPH returning to pre-COVID times, continuing to be a large, vibrant, and welcoming parish.

Tammy Claus
Years at SPH:  28

Currently, a Eucharistic minister, Tammy has served on Pastoral Council in the past. She joined the Catholic Church through Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) in 1989. Tammy was a member of SPH’s 50th Anniversary committee and chaired the school reunion (even though she did not attend SPH School, her husband grew up in the parish and school). She led the parish's Finance, Building and Administration Long Range Planning Implementation Team which led to the hiring of a full-time development director. Her experience in recruitment of personnel has helped the pastor hire several key leadership positions, including the school principal and director of youth ministry.


Having served the SPH community under the leadership of three different pastors, Tammy brings to Council a rich perspective and history. She raised her children at SPH and has taken part in a variety of adult learning sessions. Tammy loves the sense of community at SPH and attending Mass gives her a tremendous sense of peace.


Christine Coleman
Years at SPH:  16

Christine has been involved in the Parent School Organization, helping to raise funds and promoting SPH’s vibrant Catholic community. She has also enjoyed assisting with Fellowship Sunday. Christine appreciates the village approach and the forward thinking prevalent at SPH to meet the needs of the community. She is grateful for the solid education, strong Catholic foundation, and servant leadership principles her daughter received at SPH School. Christine values the importance of promoting the church in a positive light, helps bridge the racial gap for Catholics in the SPH community, and contributes to making SPH truly a place to belong.


Colleen Donaldson
Years at SPH:  36

Throughout the years, Colleen served in the former nursery during Mass, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Advisory Committee for Religious Education, School Advisory Board, and, for 20 years, a SPH Festival volunteer. A retired librarian, Colleen shares a wealth of information and perspectives with Pastoral Council. She is grateful to volunteer in a meaningful and joyful way with her participation in Council. Colleen enjoys the friendliness of people at SPH and the way that people come together to serve and worship to better our community.


Lucas Froelich
Years at SPH:  26

Lucas is an active member of Real Life, SPH’s young adult community for those looking to grow in their relationship with Jesus and others.  He is also a member of the Finance Council. Lucas played basketball in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and attended the Family Faith Formation catechetical program.


As a detail-oriented and observant young adult, he joined Pastoral Council to provide a different perspective than most people. While attending college, Lucas was part of a missionary organization and helped lead Christian retreats. He likes the community at SPH, the many events offered and its active community outreach. Lucas appreciates the importance SPH gives to young people and the opportunity to meet other people with similar values; SPH is a Christian place where he feels he truly belongs.


Patty Hernandez
Years at SPH:  18

Patty is a Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) sponsor, an Extraordinary Eucharistic minister, Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration volunteer as well as lector for bilingual masses (Spanish/English). Her involvement at SPH has included participation in the Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) Retreat planning team, Alpha courses, Evangelization team, Life Teen (youth group) core team, Funeral Luncheon Program, Parish Festival and White Elephant sale.


Patty’s willingness to listen, learn and respectfully engage in critical conversations is appreciated by Pastoral Council members. She believes in the strength of our diversity and her extensive experience in race equity and other social justice issues brings an important perspective to Pastoral Council. As a Latina, she is proud to belong to the largest growing demographic within the Catholic church in the United States.


Patty enjoys the variety of programs offered at SPH, our welcoming environment and that SPH is truly a place to belong!


Jen Howe
Years at SPH:  38

Jen serves as Vice President of the School Advisory Council, cross country coach, lector, and assists with digital support for the church. In the past, she has been a member of the Parent School Organization. She currently has children at SPH school and brings to Pastoral Council her perspective regarding young children at SPH.


Jen’s journey at SPH started in the second grade when her parents decided that the SPH School offerings were above other schools and more appropriate for their growing family. Once she and her husband started their family, they wanted nothing more for their family than to be a part of SPH. According to Jen, the school and parish have taught their family to be better people, a closer family, and most importantly, has brought them closer to God.


Laura Mayberry                                                                   
Years at SPH:  20

Laura has been serving in Pastoral Council for two years and is currently a member of the retreat planning committee. Her involvement at SPH includes serving as a teacher in the Family Faith Formation program (catechetical program for children), worship band drummer and a member of the Chris Renews His Parish planning team in 2018 and 2019. Her interest in service, detail-oriented nature and skills in note taking assist Pastoral Council in gathering and sharing information. Laura enjoys forming relationships and friendships at SPH.


She appreciates the genuineness of all at SPH and core values prevalent at SPH such as devotion to our Catholic faith, service to others, involvement opportunities for all (youth to older adults) and commitment to excellence.


Golda Osei                                                                             
Years at SPH:  8

Golda, a devout Christian/Catholic and critical thinker with a candid nature, helps SPH be best that it can be through her involvement in Pastoral Council. SPH is the only parish Golda has been a part of since moving to Toledo. She loves how church and God are incorporated into the school teachings and practices and is very pleased to have chosen SPH parish and the school for her children and family to belong.


Greg Roszczipka                                                                    
Years at SPH:  30 plus

Greg is the current President of the SPH Pastoral Council and is also assisting with the Adult Faith Formation Committee, participates in the Praying in Silence group and the Dialogue on Diversity Initiative. His past involvement at SPH includes Knights of Columbus, Taizé prayer group, Christ Renews His Parish Retreat planning team, Alpha courses, Boy and Cub Scouts leadership at SPH, and food preparation for Cantata/Receptions/Encore Speaker Series.


A lifelong learner, Greg believes that we are given one lifetime to discover the God that has no name, cannot be known, is the source of love and being, and that service is the road to this discovery of God. He brings to SPH his enjoyment of studying scripture and theology, comparative religion, the mystic traditions as well as psychology, how the mind works, epistemology, and cosmology, learning all of this with a lay and amateur level of interest. The diverse community at SPH allows him to find a home for his spirituality while providing a gentle discomfort to nudge him on his journey and preventing unhealthy complacency.

Paul Rothermich                                                                   
Years at SPH:  47

Paul was a Vincentian (member of the Society of St. Vincent DePaul) and is now involved in the Funeral Mass Choir and bringing the Eucharist to the homebound and nursing homes. He also led Advent and Lenten prayer groups. Paul has been the Finance Council representative to Pastoral Council. He is also a member of the Community Outreach Ministries Committee.


He is a lifelong Catholic, a longtime member of SPH and the parish neighborhood. Paul enjoys the welcoming environment at SPH and the simplicity of the worship area. He finds the Eucharistic chapel an intimate space for prayer and encourages others to explore this space.


Paul Sobb                                                                               
Years at SPH:  49

Paul is currently the representative of the Knights of Columbus to Pastoral Council, a member of the Father Brogan School Endowment and a member of the Planned Giving Committee at SPH. He has been Chairman of the Finance Committee, Co-Chairman of the Parish Festival, Alpha courses table leader, Champions in Action board member and sports coach. Paul brings to Pastoral Council his vast business experience being a retired Certified Public Accountant, currently serving on the board of directors of two business and, as a consultant to two other businesses. He brings to Pastoral Council 46 years of business advisory services, leadership skills and common sense.


Paul and his wife are long time members of SPH because of the many relationships they have developed in this community. Many pastors have impacted their spiritual growth and their two children received an excellent education and great spiritual foundation at SPH.

Milva Valenzuela Wagner                                                     
Years at SPH:  20

Milva assists with the Hispanic programs at SPH, bringing an expanded sense of inclusivity and representation of the rich diversity of the Hispanic culture. Her past involvement at SPH included being a member of the Christ Renews His Parish Retreat planning team, Finance Committee, Parish Festival volunteer, Charter Unit Representative for the Cub and Boy Scouts Troop 252, classroom mom and teacher's helper.


In addition to her bilingual skills (Spanish/English), Milva brings to council extensive experience in nonprofit and community involvement. She likes the sense of community and unity SPH offers; the variety of programs reaching all ages and persons at different stages of their faith journeys; the opportunities to build a network of friends, and, especially, being a member of a dynamic, progressive parish that is a place to belong to all who seek a Catholic community.


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