Welcome to St. Patrick of Heatherdowns School

St. Patrick of Heatherdowns School provides your child with on-going faith formation to develop each students' God-given talents and to prepare them for success in higher education and in life. We do this through a challenging curriculum, partnership with our parents, a nurturing, innovative staff and a supportive parish community. 


St. Patrick of Heatherdowns welcomes families of all backgrounds and faiths to experience the comprehensive difference a top Catholic school provides. Consider your students' academic career a success story waiting to be written. Consider the potential to to be realized. Discover excellence.

St. Patrick of Heatherdowns has 300 students enrolled in PreK through 8th grade as of October 31, 2022.

Staff and volunteers working with students must comply with all requirements found here: https://toledodiocese.org/page/protecting-youth-victim-assistance#_policy_for_the_protection_of_minors

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"Education is one of the most important ways by which the Church fulfills its commitment to the dignity of the person and building of community." (National Conference of Catholic Bishops. To Teach As Jesus Did, Chapter 1, Article #3).


Catholic schools have the responsibility to inculcate spiritual values while developing the intellectual, social and physical aspects of the individual.


To achieve these objectives, St. Patrick of Heatherdowns School has been set up in accordance with standards established by the State of Ohio, the Diocese of Toledo and St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Parish.

The dedicated faculty and staff of St. Patrick of Heatherdowns believes each child is a gift from God. They are thankful for the opportunity to shape the next generation into kind, loving, responsible beings and instill the courage to strive for greatness.

Welcome to St. Patrick of Heatherdowns. Our parish school strives to provide an environment where each person can learn and grow and feel valued. This is accomplished with cooperation and teamwork from all ~ staff, parents, and students. 


Our school theme STARS provides the framework for our success.







Because your child spends a great deal of time at school, we experience life together, which means we laugh, cry, pray, conquer challenges as well as make and learn from mistakes together. We celebrate success and support each other through hardships. Our well-trained, caring staff dedicate themselves to the development of your child in order to help them achieve their personal best. Students not only develop academic skills; they learn social emotional skills vital to becoming responsible citizens.


Students will learn from a variety of experiences; each infused with FAITH. They will be hands-on scientists learning from our Urban Prairie. Students will gain knowledge regarding technology, its usage, and methods to be safe with it. From our youngest in PreK to our middle school leaders, our students and staff will participate in service opportunities that expand their understanding of our world. The culture of kindness and academic excellence at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns prepares students for life beyond these walls.


Look to the STARS to find your way HOME!



Mrs. Tina Abel


From Our Principal


Our Mission

  • The St. Patrick of Heatherdowns school community is composed of students and their families, educators and parishioners.

  • We believe each person is a valued, unique individual.

  • We believe in fostering the Gospel Guidelines and Life Skills taught in our school.

  • We believe our instructional practices accommodate a variety of learning styles to meet the needs of students.

  • We believe in preparing students to be life-long learners who share their talents as responsible citizens.

Learn through Outreach

We believe that one of the ways to doing God's work is by doing good works to others around us and to give to those in need.